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Production Line

1 estestvena-koja-za-obuvki

Natural leather and materials

Natural Leather is irreplaceable in process of making of quality handmade shoes.

3 individualni-merki-obuvka

Taking individual measures

On the used for the purpose Application “Order and Measure Form”, are pointed clearly all
Individual orthopedic problems, except individual measures.

Взимане на отпечатък за диабетно стъпало

Feet diagnosis

This is how is taken an individual imprint for a flat foot, before to start making the orthopedic shoes.

4 stelka-silikonovi-svodove

Insole making

Sticking down the necessary longitudinal vaults, made from a special silicone basic material.

Изработка на индивидуален калъп за ортопедичните обувки

Mold for an orthopedic shoe

Preparing the mold for each individual case – making bigger, making longer or just putting some side rubber protrusions whenever needed.

6 individualno-kroene-obuvki

Cutting out leather elements for the upper part

Each pair of shoes is cut out by following individual measures, based on pre-made templates, that are chanced according to each measure.

Ръчният труд е незаменим при изработката на обувки в работилницата на Алтиком ЕООД

Irreplaceable hand labour

Shoes are made almost entirely by hand. Quality, strength and comfort depend totally on the skills of the specialists.

Трашенето е процедурата която прави кожата мека и удобна за обуване.

Preparing leather elements of the upper part

Preparing already cut out elements before stitching, aiming good fitting.

9 zashivane-obuvki

Sewing the shoes

Each element is sawn separately and carefully.

10 obuvka-predi-zavarshvane

Checking out

Checking out the upper part of the shoes, before closing it with the soles.

11 hodilo-gumen-avapren

Sole stitching

Before to start making the individual sole, mostly done from rubber type ”eva”.

12 profesionalen-shlaif

Shaping out the soles

Without a special grinding machine, it cannot be done the individual soles. Also shoes to be finished.

13 dovarshitelni-raboti-obuvki

Finishing operations

Last check out and finishing operations are very important for a total quality of the shoes – quality of making and quality of accordance to the specific individual order.

14 mostri-rachno-izraboteni-obuvki

Ready hand made shoes

Samples of different models of orthopedic shoes made typically, i.e. without any individual changes.