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About the Company

Офис "Артиком" ЕООД, гр. Пловдив ул. Кирил и Методий, № 2

„ARTICOM“ Ltd., is registered under the legislation currently in BG in the first half of 2011.

Manager and representative of the company is Nedyalka Vasileva from Plovdiv, with higher economic education and experience over 10 years in public health care.

The main activity is production and providing medical devices by individual measure – orthopedic shoes and insoles under Regulation 2 of this activity, the Integration of Persons with Disabilities Act and Medical devices Law. For this activity the company has a Certificate from the Agency for People with Disabilities /APD/ at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy № 207/06.17.2011.

The production base is located in Plovdiv, on „St. Cyril and Methodius“ 2 street. The activity involved employees are with good management experience and proven experts in the field of shoe industry. Products that are manufactured there are only by individual order and measures – pre-selected by the client, and accordingly proposed by experts model suitable for each specific case.

The range of shoes – for children, women and men, and some universal ones, are about 30 pieces, but each „base“ model can be changed both in color or by its decorative items – ties, adhesive tapes, a form of sole /individual also made /. For this purpose a catalog of  the available models is identified where any actual or potential user can be informed personally by just using the pointed phones there.

Activity in other cities – here should be noted that the specific activity means organized and officially reported to APD places in some larger cities, often together with other companies offering other types of medical products.

Experts there are trained in the company, at least once monthly company’s designer-technologist, visits them on the spot – taking part in the process of getting orders or providing already made shoes to customers.

The main goal of the company is to satisfy the need of orthopedic shoes of potential users by simply not saving efforts and resources – at the moment of offering the proper model, and lately in the performance of the contract. User receives the final product only when it has tried it personally and remained happy, even if in some cases some further adjustments should be done.

About orthopedic shoes


Models presented here are ‘samples shoes’, i.e. these are the shoes made in the same numbering of similar orthopedic molding, without making any adjustments to them. In order for each patient, the model is developed taking into account the specifics of the orthopedic problems of each patient – distortions in the fingers / toes ascend / painful toes in foot deformities, missing fingers, shortening of a limb or another.

Before many of you, the question arises – whether to buy ready-made orthopedic shoes numbering / offer ones already on the market / or make to order.

The answers are few:

– Firstly it is normal to consult a specialist – an orthopedic, or other endrokrinolog;- „Sewing“ orthopedic shoes are not always able to meet each specific problem with them is set over the „anatomical“ insole inside;

– The type of ‘ready’ feet varies from manufacturers other than that they are strictly a standard numbering might not fit you in cases where both your feet are actually different in length;

– Custom shoes in the material from which made outsole is rubber elastomeric type „evapren“ which is formed in pursuance of any foot. It should be borne in mind also that these are the current requirements and Agency for Persons with Disabilities;

– In both cases you should not worry about the quality of materials used – only by working leather;

– Another point is that the cost of their purchase / prices are the same or slightly higher than orders / not met by the Agency for social assistance under the current regulations at the time.

Often has the following comments – „Ready shoe keeps its shape in appearance as much as those on order, and a uniform look.“

Here you’ll have to answer what is more important – how it looks „finished“ boot or if our feet are shod in our comfortable and fitting of shoes every problem on demand. It is best if possible before proceeding to any step, we are informed as possible.

The choice of model in production order, and/or purchase

– First, to comply with the maximum prescribed by the specialist in DCC Minutes;

– To listen carefully and comply with recommendations that will make us a specialist from the company that we visited.

It is desirable to bear in mind that each „sample“ model shoe is not always possible to fit an aesthetic of your leg – as in bulging outward and deformed bones, broad fingers swell legs any sores or blisters, or other!

– Provided, however, hold only a model or have claims on some typical numbers, despite the explicit recommendations of our professional service, we must be responsible enough to accept then made our request in our shoes, if they are fulfilled in our requirements

– Color range is according to our desires but according to the currently available materials with the manufacturer- In the first sample can not always guarantee 100% fit to your foot, in such cases are taken new measures and correct. However, in case it comes to shoes and gloves not that just slipped, and sometimes our feet are deformed in the meantime – swelling, discharges, and other wounds.

What must still be aware of custom orthopedic shoes?

They are for convenience and treatment of our feet, they are one prevention against further complications for various health problems – deformities of the fingers, wounds, sore feet, sore knees, pain in sacrum area and another. They are designed to provide convenience to our feet, they are not designed for rough physical work – for this purpose are enough such products to market much more affordable.

Not least, it is desirable to appreciate and respect the efforts being made to us by experts in such firms, since these are their main duties and responsibilities.

About orthopedic insoles

Стелки СТЕ-1

Presented here insoles are „basic“, i.e. each type and pair is made according to the specifics of the orthopedic problems of each patient.

They are very suitable for therapy in the presence of so-called. „Diabetic foot“, a term used by specialists doctors – orthopedic and specialist physicians – endocrinologists. These problems are typical for patients with diabetes, the most common health problems – collapsed longitudinal arch / flat-footed /Degenerate transverse arch /more often in women,/ presence of poorly healing wounds and ulcers on the feet. Using this type of mats leads to better blood flow to the feet and better aeration, to prevent new sores or redness on the feet – so typical of diabetes.

How do you achieve this effect with these insoles?

First construction – upper is made of leather, perforated at certain areas. The lower part is made of specific microporous rubber that allows free aeration.

Placed in certain places – for example longitudinal arch /according to the specifics of each patient/ silicone pads are very elastic, but not smash able after prolonged use.

Support – are easy to maintain, not necessarily stick to the shoes. This is the facility – can be used for another pair of shoes, but mostly closed. Not suitable for sandals or shoes with too sharp „noses“.If staining is easily cleaned with a damp cloth, not influenced by external odors.

The choice for an individual order and therefore production is determined by the following

– First by the requirements of the relevant specialist in the medical record;

– When taking the order in the office, the patient is begged to step in a box with a specific medical foam, which gives a quite accurate impression of the patient’s feet in depth up to 4 sm;

– After a review of the imprint, the specialist taking the contract order, defines exactly what „basic model“ will be used for making this order.

What to have in mind about using insoles?

They are a therapy for our feet, they are a prevention against arisen subsequently other health problems – pain in the knees, pain at the waist area. They are very suitable for people who are in a constant daily movement or work mostly upright.



Before proceeding to this step, we must be aware of the need or /NO/ of this type of footwear. The most common signs of anxiety  are – tired and burning feet at night, sore knees, pain at the waist, and sometimes too fast deformation of the purchased from us soon „very comfortable“ shoes.

In Bulgaria, this problem is not new, but we can still say that this a very serious attention is given by health professionals in this field. What a is plus for us is that in recent years many companies appeared on the market that offer both ready standard insoles or orthopedic shoes and other accessories. Another bigger plus for us is that already a few Bulgarian companies offer these products made by individual measure, not only the so known Orthopedic workshop at Hospital „Orthopedics“ in Gorna Banya, Sofia. The development in this field allows us to have greater choice of devices of this type, but to them we should approach with care and under guidance of specialists „orthopedic“.

What can be done then?

As mentioned above, these medical devices can be bought or ordered by individual measure. Options for this are two

– To pay them ourselves, but we have in mind that their prices are quiteabove the normal price of shoes in the store, because they are “handmade”

– To get them through the Agency for Social Welfare / ASW / to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy / MLSP /, as our costs here will be minimal – our fees to our general practitioner doctor and our costs for public transportation.

You will pay more attention to the second option. What are the steps for it?

A Protocol of Medical Specialized Orthopedic Commission /MSOC/

1) Direction of our  doctor / GP / to visit a Specialist – orthopedist, endocrinologist, with a primary view of our problem.

2) Sending  the records of the patient  from the specialist to specialty Orthopedic Commission.

3) Issuance of Protocol of MSOC with an opinion – making shoes, insoles /for diabetic foot / or both.

Applying at the local Department of Social Welfare to receive the prescribed medical devices

1) Visit the DSW to make an Application and information of the available companies in the region dealing with this type of activity and licensed accordingly to the MLSP and Ordinance 2 for medical devices.

2) Visit one the selected company to get known with its products and receive a pro forma invoice for them, along with the application, present in person at the DSW, together with the original Protocol of MSOC

3) Receiving /personally/ a Permission from the DSW for an Order of the „Production“ of orthopedic shoes / insoles and / or both.

What we to expect to get from the DSW?

This procedure is regulated in the „Annex 7“ Rules for the Implementation of the Law on Integration of People with Disabilities, namely

– One pair of shoes for 12 months for adults

– One pair of shoes for 6 months for persons below 18 years

– A repair already for received shoes / pair / in 6 months

– A pair of insoles in individual measure for a period of six months for adults

– A pair of insoles in individual measure for a period of 3 months for persons under 18 years

4) Making an order for manufacturing our orthopedic shoes or insoles, by presenting the original Permission from the DSW and the Protocol of MCC, at the chosen by us company

Note: The validity of the Permission is 3 months, so do not delay your order in time.

5) Within 30 days from the date we got our Permission, the appointed in it sum of money  will be remitted to us to the pointed in the Application account.

6 / With received from DSW finances, we pay our made shoes / insoles.  At the end we have to present the company’s original invoice receipt together with the Delivery and Acceptance Protocol, at the DSW.

Note: The above is Under current law and regulation. For future changes, the information will be updated.


tel.: +359 32 660 413,
gsm.: +359 899 967 606
email: articom.plovdiv@gmail.com

Address: 2, „Sv.Sv. Kiryl i Metodiy“,
Plovdiv 4000, BULGARIA

Manager: Mr. Nikolay Vasilev
Working Hours:
Monday – Friday: 08.00 till 17.00

For your convenience „Articom“ Ltd. has 11 representative offices (hosts) mostly in the big regional cities. In each of these offices you will be met by a trained and qualified staff that will help you with a lot of advices concerning filling all kind of attending documents and application forms.

Addresses and telephone numbers of each host can seen here by selecting location from the list on the left. Whenever you have chosen which office you will visit, please contact our representatives with all specific questions that you have in mind. It will be useful, before you call us, to get acquainted with the custom regulatory requirements and type documents required for obtaining medical devices. As a matter of fact, have in mind that the need and use of certain medical devices, is not a privilege or a benefit only of some people, they are there for us and you can obtain them depending on your health problems and your personal financial status.

Please have in mind that the financial budget for all kind of social welfare done by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, especially the fund that is paying for providing all these medical devices, is formed from our health and labor insurances.